Outward Bound – Echo’s Children

“They’re looking for a scientist,” my buddy said one day,
“‘Course, the only thing that’s smaller than the quarters is the pay,
But it does mean work in orbit–” I said “Get out of my way!”
And it won’t be much longer now.

I’ve had a berth on Outward Bound since she was begun
I’ve got a berth on Outward Bound and she’s almost done
I’ve got a berth on Outward Bound and–hey!–I’ve got to run!
Cause it won’t be much longer now. 

“Outward Bound” by Echo’s Children, perfect for when you want to bellow along to a space exploration singalong.

Lyrics available here.

My Planet’s Child – Echo’s Children

Oh, I come by it honestly if I am star-beguiled,
For if I am a rover, well, I am my planet’s child.
The very iron in my blood has wandered wide and far–
Forged and flung from the fire’s heart that fueled a foreign star. 

“My Planet’s Child,” a joyful song about space exploration by Echo’s Children.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

Ship of Stone – Don Simpson

“Ship of Stone,” by Don Simpson, actually one of the best songs ever written and I will fight you, sung by an unknown vocalist at the 1986 Worldcon.
Hear it with Steve Savitzky on guitar and vocals and Callie Hills on flute here, recorded at Baycon 2006.
LYRICS AND CHORDS HERE!  You have no idea how long it took me to find these chords; I’m so happy now.