Don’t Stop Believing (Redux) – astriiformes


Thought I’d get around to putting up the lyrics for the filk I wrote that we debuted on the stream last night, both for folks who joined us and wanted to see them written down and for people who couldn’t make it.

The video from last night should actually stay up on Twitch for a bit, too, so if you want to see our rough performance of it the timestap around 1:08 should take you right to it

Set to the obvious tune. I’m delighted people enjoyed this one.

Just a quiet night
Heard a noise and grabbed a light
Out in the midnight woods, there was something there

Just an empty sky
When suddenly, a flash on high
Sped like a bullet train, there was something there

A searcher in a skeptic’s land
Someday I’ll make them understand
Until then I will document each

Loch Ness Monster
Jackelopes and chupacabras
Find them, searching in the night

Bunyips, krakens
Wolpertingers, Ogopogo
Hidin’ somewhere in the night

I will travel far and wide
’Til the truth can’t be denied
Get my footage and I’ll prove to you I was right this time

Someday soon now we’ll expose
The paranormal and UFOs
You can join me in the search to find each

Ozark howlers,
Yetis, and the Jersey Devil
Find them, searching in the night

Bigfoot, Mothman,
Snallygasters, Loveland Frogman
Hidin’ somewhere in the night

Don’t stop believin’
Hold on to that feeling
Cryptid seekers

Don’t stop believin’
Hold on to that feeling
Cryptid seekers

Don’t stop believin’
Hold on to that feeling
Cryptid seekers

[Repeat as wished]

The Fastest Ship in the Galaxy – astriiformes


(Tune is The Mary Ellen Carter by Stan Rogers)

Apparently what I do in times of political and social turmoil is stress-write stubborn Star Wars hope songs, so here’s another one that I threw together with unusual speed and am now releasing into the world for catharsis. Because why not make all the songs about ships about spaceships instead?

Also, even though I don’t have another in-universe write-up prepared, this song is still a spiritual successor to my other Rebellion filk that I wrote a few years ago, so definitely imagine a similar narrative for this one – a song that emerged in the hangars and halls of Rebel Alliance amongst the pilots and other freedom fighters that called them home, becoming cultural tradition and a rallying cry all wrapped into one.

Lyrics under the cut:

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Long Distance Transmission – Grauntie Scribe


A new sad space song with lyrics by Nate @astriiformes set to the Thaxted tune from Holst’s ‘Jupiter.” Original post here.



‘Cross the light-scattered starfields, past the moons of planets large and small
‘Cross the belts filled with asteroids comes a message: do you hear my call?
Though it’s faint, I trust you’re out there
Though it’s small amidst the void
We are bonded by friendship, which cannot be destroyed

I will not cease the signal, I am still awaiting your reply
I do not doubt it’s coming for a moment, sure as comets fly
There are light-years set between us
There are parsecs in the way
But I know that you’re listening, and your words will find the way

I will dream we’re together, I will wish it every time I can
And just maybe, fate will see us once again joining hand in hand
But if space stays vast between us
If we’re star systems apart
Know I’ll keep on transmitting, you’re always in my heart.

Rebellion Song – Araxie Haldane & Nana Graye


I continue my quest to give @astriiformes‘ filk Rebellion Song the performance it deserves! Many thanks to @howtotrainyournana for singing it with me 🙂

Original song “Somebody Will” by Ada Palmer/Sassafras. Star Wars lyrics by astriiformes.