The Easter Bunny Vault – Eric Distad

What if I never get any more chocolate?
This could be the only one

This song seems like it has a silly premise, but it hits a lot of people pretty deep. Eric Distad (of the Faithful Sidekicks) singing “The Easter Bunny Vault,” something about childhood insecurities, feeling powerless, and damaging what you hold too close.

Faithful Sidekicks


Thought I’d put a plug here for the Kickstarter that the Faithful Sidekicks, a really fun and sweet filk duo we met at OVFF last year who make equally fun and sweet music, are running for their new album, Our Kind of Strange

They’ve got previews of several of the songs that you can listen to already (and I feel like many of you need to know that one of them is about a found family of monsters, plus another that’s about spoons/chronic health issues that I love and find deeply relatable) and it looks like it’s going to be a really positive, nerdy album in general.

(This is also a recommendation to check out their other music, too, since they have two albums already on Bandcamp. My favorite song of theirs is probably still Fatty Bolger, which if you’re looking for songs about obscure LotR characters is absolutely perfect.)

Omega 13 – The Faithful Sidekicks

“Omega 13,” a dance number by The Faithful Sidekicks (Eric and Jen Distad), who are made of win. This one is for those who love Galaxy Quest. Which should be everyone. Yes, that was a judgment.

Come on, do it again
Let’s rewind the scene
Put your coat on the hanger
And grab your doppelganger
Let’s do the Omega 13