Eight-Legged Blues – Vixy & Tony

They raid your liquor cabinet, though they’re not of age to drink
They’re staging tango competitions in the kitchen sink
They’re critiquing your new painting (your perspective’s off, they say)
And they’re analyzing your décor for optimal feng shui

“Eight-Legged Blues,” by special-edition four-member Vixy & Tony (Michelle Dockrey, Tony Fabris, Betsy Tinney, and Sunnie Larsen)

The part of the spiders is credited to Betsy’s cello, Raven.

We Are Who We Are – Vixy & Tony

I usually prefer to get studio recordings when I can, if only to make it more likely that all the words will be intelligible but…this one is special.  They set out to create a geek anthem, and boy did they ever.
Michelle Dockrey said this about writing this song:

Background: this was commissioned by Tony, who wanted a geek anthem. I got partway through writing it and found myself blocked. Thinking of all the things still wrong, and things that were going on at the time both in and out of fandom– harrassment, backlash over representation, lack of protections still for so many– I just didn’t see how I could write a song about how much it got better.
I confessed this tearfully to Tony, who said, essentially, “write it the way you see it.”

“We Are Who We Are,” by Vixy & Tony, lead vocals by Michelle Dockrey with Tony Fabris on guitar, Betsy Tinney on cello, Sunnie Larsen on violin, and the attendants of FilkCONtinental 2014…as themselves.  Lyrics and more information here

One Thousand Ships (I Want to Be)

I’ve been on Tumblr too long and thought this would be about relationship ships, and it’s…very much not.  Honestly, it’s better.  There are some phrases in this I never expected to hear sung.
Performed by Andrew Ross, with Sunnie Larsen, CD Woodbury and David Rogers, at Orycon 37.  A parody of you-know-what, by the Proclaimers.

The Ballad of Sandra Bland

Miles Vorkosigan posted this on Facebook and called it “a revenge ballad that is maybe the most controversial thing I perform in public.”  Seems like the kind of folklore we need right now.
Lyrics under the cut.

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