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A song you might sing around a campfire if the next morning you’re planning to drive your war rig right through the middle of the Immortan’s army to try to take his stronghold.

I filked this for Wasteland campfire singing and then figured I’d record it in case people wanted to learn it beforehand. So here you go. My singing voice isn’t great and kind of shaky, but I’m still pleased with how this turned out

Hey so you seem like exactly the person to ask: I was struck with the desire to write a comparative paper about filk/folk treatment of the collapse of society, but I mostly listen to filk through my housemate playing it when I’m in the room, and the only artists I know of who do songs about that are Leslie Fish and Talis Kimberley. Can you recommend me other singers who do songs/other songs on a similar theme to like, Serious Steel and World’s End? Thank you for your time, great blog!

Ooooooh man now this is a good question.  Fish is definitely your best place to start, since she’s the only one I can think of who did a full ALBUM of post-apocalyptic (and pre-apocalyptic) filk, AND THEN SOME.

Me and the brain mod went through and came up with as many as we could think of, besides everything on that album:

As always, everyone can feel free to add!  I’m sure there are dozens more, at least.

No High Ground – Leslie Fish





So @omniship-armada wanted to hear the story of how this song scared my uncle.

For those of you who’ve never heard this song, it’s a song about how sooner or later the downtrodden always get pissed off and overthrow the bourgeoisie, and push gotta come to shove, the lawyer and the lawbook only go so far so go out there and kill rich people, fuck the church, and make sure to stand in solidarity with the other downtrodden. It actually specifically mentions antisemitism. Which is cool.

Pretty rivetting stuff.

Now, if you’ve never heard anything by Leslie Fish, here’s what you should know: She’s most known for fantasy and really, really hating the police. See above. Only, she’s a filk artist. She’s one of the more folky filk artists, actually. So her music, while saying things like “fuck the police” and “unions are great” does so through the lens of “after the apocalypse the SCA became a band of heroes and killed police, it was awesome” and “man starfleet ensigns are treated like crap, they need a union”. With matching folky or silly tunes.

This one is actually one of her less folky ones, but it’s followed by two more in the same album that are much more folky sounding, “Weapon Shops of Isher” and “Old Issue”. As you may have guessed, this album has a theme. That theme is guns.

So I’m sitting down, listening to my music which is keeping me grounded. Specifically, I am listening to this song, No High Ground. Which, again, is about inciting revolution.

My uncle asks me what I’m listening to.

Now, I have a split second decision to make before he asks me again, thinking I didn’t hear him: I can take out my earphones and go through the lengthy explanation of what filk is, or I can give him a one sentence answer. Naturally, I decide on the one sentence answer. I’m sitting there. I’ve got black clothes and a black denim jacket on.  I don’t move an inch. I give my answer.

“songs about guns.”

Naturally, he asks me why. Again, not wanting to explain, not thinking, I answer.

“They relax me.”

Preeeetty sure my uncle is terrified of me and/or thinks I’m Ron Swanson.

So sounds like I have a new artist to listen to…

Leslie Fish has some very fun stuff. A lot of it is on youtube

I know not everyone can afford to buy CDs, and not everyone wants to mess with physical discs any more, but for those who are interested, Leslie Fish has an official website where people can buy her albums.

Her website is lesliefish.com.

Blood and Black Leather – Leslie Fish

Consider the shape of the future
The lessons we’ve learned from the past
You must have chainmaille and black leather
If you want clothing to last

“Blood and Black Leather,” some solid post-apocalyptic worldbuilding by Leslie Fish, performed at Worldcon 1998

I’m headed to Wasteland Weekend today!  If anybody who happens to see this is there (a long shot, but you never know), please talk to me.  I’ll have my guitar.  Look for a patchwork tent with CAPITALISM KILLED spray painted on the side.

The Discards – Leslie Fish

Who else would roll so proudly
Across this blasted land?
Who else would bitch so loudly
On every channel band?
Now do they think that no one
Could stay out here alive,
Or did they think us low ones
Were too stupid to survive,
Too stupid to survive?

I listened to this song on repeat for a week after playing all of Tales From The Borderlands in a day.  Now I’m thinking about it again because I’m gonna go to Wasteland Weekend (not soon, but it’s never too early to start fake apocalypse prepping).

“The Discards,” by Leslie Fish

Heart Like an Axle – Leslie Fish

Heart like an axle, bounded by your wheels
Rolling down the endless blacktop road
Stripping gears and losing, with every mile that falls
How long can you keep dragging that load

Firestorm is basically a concept album about the apocalypse, but this song in particular is almost certainly about Mad Max.  “Heart Like an Axle,” by Leslie Fish.

Handyman (at the end of the world) – Araxie Haldane


“I guess there’s some folk songs about me now?”
-Soos Ramirez, Weirdmageddon Part 1

Well, now there’s at least one. An ode to everyone’s favorite apocalyptic handyman.

Lyrics under the cut:

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Digwell Carol – Mark Heiman



Another post-apocalyptic song by Leslie Fish, sung by Mark Heiman.  This is one of my favorite Fish songs, but I’ve never actually heard it sung by her.

@filkyeahfilk It’s on youtube

AWESOME thank you! This definitely wasn’t there the first time I looked for it, so if someone has been uploading old Firestorm stuff, that’s amazing.

All the Birds are Gone – Talis Kimberley

All the birds are gone, and all the stones are shaking;
On and on and on, every day in turn
What will burn, will burn, and they dare to call this ‘needful’
But the birds do not return

“All the Birds are Gone,” by Talis Kimberley

One of the things that most complicates the constant question of “what is filk, anyway?” is that filkers tend to write about things that aren’t typical filk subjects as if they were.  And so you get songs like this one, which sounds like it could be about Mad Max but is really about fracking.

Serious Steel – Leslie Fish

So dress your ranks, lift your pikes
Tight as the teeth of a comb.
Rattling, clanking, down the road
Dressed in leather and steel and woad,
All too aware of history’s load
The War is going home!-
The War is coming home!

Pretty much the ultimate power fantasy for an anarchist SCA nerd, “Serious Steel” by Leslie Fish.




I’m just gonna link this because I can’t get over this song. It’s SO GOOD.

The lyrics just kill me. And calling the trio of Immortan Joe – The People Eater – The Bullet Farmer “the Cerberus”? Flipping genius and I cannot get over it.