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Filksong Genealogy: Black Flag

And you’ll regret that ever you fed
At the board of Anne Bonny…

A very earnest song about pirates (lyrics) by Annwn, and one to the same tune, performed by the same band, but with lyrics by Bob Kanefesky, which is…earnest in its own way.  Take care among pirates, they rarely wash the dishes.

From the liner notes of the Roundworm album:  “whey hay (/hwA ‘hA/) n. a fibrous yellow mold (Coloropus yukosporus) commonly found on expired cottage cheese. See also dairy down.”

Content warning, in case the above isn’t enough: the second song is about very, very unsanitary kitchen conditions.

(Series: Filksong Genealogy)


Death and the Maiden – Mean Mary

A fantastic found filk featuring a lady pirate, a masquerade, and some ambiguous magical shenanigans.

“Death and the Maiden” by Mean Mary; lyrics available here.

The Red Queen – Annwn

With a black flag dancing overhead,
we’ll salt your beef with flying lead,
and you’ll regret that ever you fed
at the board of Anne Bonney.

A good old-fashioned pirate song by Leigh Ann Hussey and Annwn.  Lyrics available here

A Pirate Christmas – Tom Smith

…exactly what it says on the tin.  A medley of Christmas carols about pirates, from Tom Smith.

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