The Oracle – shobogan


The Oracle

You think I have been beaten
You think he took the sky from me
You think I have been trapped here
Yet I’ve never been more free

I am the hero of my own story
I am the knight tearing towers down
I am the dragon within the fortress
I am the queen forging her own crown

I am not a footnote
I am not a sacrifice
I am not your martyr
I’m not yours to sanctify

I am the voice that lights the shadows
I see the structure of strife and storms
I call the lightning to strike the shades
I am the sybil amidst the swarms

You think I have been beaten
You think he took the sky from me
Well I was never vanquished
I’m stronger than he’ll ever be

Gotham on the Fritz – waiting4codot


Have you seen the ne’er-to-do, locked up in ‘Ark Avenue’,
On that famous thoroughfare, with some toxin in the air,
High hats and Arrow collars, green spats and lots of dollars,
Spending every dime, on a wonderful crime!

If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to,
Why don’t you go where chaos sits,
Gotham on the fritz!

Femme fatales who wear a day coat, two-faced men,
Or leather bound coats, perfect fits,
Gotham on the fritz!

Dressed up like a winged flying sleuther,
Trying hard to look like Ol’ Lex Luthor (super duper),
Come let’s mix where Cobblepots walk with their sticks,
Or umbrellas in their mitts.
Gotham on the fritz!

Kitty cats all wear a diamond choker,
Harley walking with the man who broke her (what a joker),
You’ll declare it’s simply insane to be there,
And cower as they battle wits,
Gotham on the fritz!

(I was bored. This happened. Deal with it.)

Jason Todd – Avo


I apologize to @axonsandsynapses for doing their work absolutely nothing anywhere near justice, but this is my attempt at covering their brilliant adaptation of Sam Hall about everyone’s favourite ex-dead ex-Robin.

check out the lyrics on their blog!

all sounds in this recording were made using a ukulele and/or my mouth, and all (highly amateur) sound editing was done using GarageBand. hope you enjoy!

No One Does It Better (than the Birds of Prey) – Batman: The Brave and the Bold


No One Does It Better (than the Birds of Prey)

good evening all you gentlemen
mobsters, creeps, and crooks
men in tights come after you
and still you’re off the hook
for those who scare and terrorize
it’s the dawn of a brand new day;
you scum can simply call us
the one and only birds of prey