The Oracle – shobogan


The Oracle

You think I have been beaten
You think he took the sky from me
You think I have been trapped here
Yet I’ve never been more free

I am the hero of my own story
I am the knight tearing towers down
I am the dragon within the fortress
I am the queen forging her own crown

I am not a footnote
I am not a sacrifice
I am not your martyr
I’m not yours to sanctify

I am the voice that lights the shadows
I see the structure of strife and storms
I call the lightning to strike the shades
I am the sybil amidst the swarms

You think I have been beaten
You think he took the sky from me
Well I was never vanquished
I’m stronger than he’ll ever be

Purple and Yellow – Adam WarRock


Adam WarRock “Purple and Yellow” (Download)
Had a chance to finally read and catch up with Cameron Stewart & Brendan Fletchre’s new Batgirl title for DC Comics. Besides the fact that Stewart & Babs Tarr’s art is a joy to look at, it’s a great title that harkens back to any number of great comics that do what they do best: show what it means to be a young person of exceptional and at times, ostracizing and frustrating circumstances. If you haven’t checked it out yet, then you should take a second and give it a chance. Get Volume 1 here.
I mean, I know everyone wants me to do more DC comic songs. So here you go.
I am deep in the tank, working hard on my next Donation Drive mixtape and rewards package, coming in June! The one time a year I open up a donate button and give out tons of rewards in an attempt to keep running another year. Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, come out and see a show:
April 10 – The Abbey Underground – Denton, TX (facebook event) (after show Modern Masters Draft)
April 23 – The Symposium – Cleveland, OH (facebook event)
April 24 – Indie Comix Expo– Chicago, IL
May 2 – FCBD – Super-Fly Comics – Yellow Springs, OH
(Note: The Modern Myths Northampton show has been cancelled)