The Discards – Leslie Fish

Who else would roll so proudly
Across this blasted land?
Who else would bitch so loudly
On every channel band?
Now do they think that no one
Could stay out here alive,
Or did they think us low ones
Were too stupid to survive,
Too stupid to survive?

I listened to this song on repeat for a week after playing all of Tales From The Borderlands in a day.  Now I’m thinking about it again because I’m gonna go to Wasteland Weekend (not soon, but it’s never too early to start fake apocalypse prepping).

“The Discards,” by Leslie Fish

Heart Like an Axle – Leslie Fish

Heart like an axle, bounded by your wheels
Rolling down the endless blacktop road
Stripping gears and losing, with every mile that falls
How long can you keep dragging that load

Firestorm is basically a concept album about the apocalypse, but this song in particular is almost certainly about Mad Max.  “Heart Like an Axle,” by Leslie Fish.

Digwell Carol – Mark Heiman



Another post-apocalyptic song by Leslie Fish, sung by Mark Heiman.  This is one of my favorite Fish songs, but I’ve never actually heard it sung by her.

@filkyeahfilk It’s on youtube

AWESOME thank you! This definitely wasn’t there the first time I looked for it, so if someone has been uploading old Firestorm stuff, that’s amazing.

Freedom of the Snow – Leslie Fish

Cancel my salvation, give me leave to go
Back to the freedom of the snow

A Leslie Fish song about finding strength in the (temporary) absence of civilization, because the blogger behind the curtain is still desperate Mad Max trash.
And there’s a very nice flute part.
Lyrics available here