The Spotify Filk Compendium

The Spotify Filk Compendium, a playlist by axons-and-synapses on Spotify →


I’ve kept meaning to post this and forgetting – if anyone’s interested, I’ve put together a playlist of all Filk music I’ve found thus far on Spotify. There’s actually a ton of Filk albums you can listen to for free, and I find new stuff all the time. Feel free to contribute if there’s anything I’ve missed or as new music is added 🙂



today (friday aug 4 2017), bandcamp is donating 100% of their proceeds to the transgender law center [link: x].

this applies to all proceeds, regardless of whether or not the artist is trans themselves, but you should still take this opportunity to support trans artists – here’s the transgender tag [x], here’s the trans tag [x], and here’s the transcore tag [x], if you wanna look around. or you can go by my (impeccable) taste! i suggest picking up

  • together not together by winter sisters [x]
  • god forbid anyone look me in the eye by two steps on the water [x
  • the magic fountain LP by the magic fountain [x
  • soft hits by ashby and the oceanns [x]
  • uncertain transitions by wren, like the bird [x]
  • girl particular by bella trout [x]
  • VEIL by lich [x]
  • body trauma by naive sense[x]
  • undertaker by disemballerina[x]
  • as i am by mya byrne 
  • from rotting fantasylands by lauren bousfield 
  • the long lost art of getting lost by a stick and a stone [x]

It’s a good day to stock up on some Alexander James Adams!

2016 Pegasus Nominations closing soon!

Just to remind you that Nominations for the 2016 Pegasus Awards will close just after midnight on Sunday, July 31, which is less than three weeks away!

(What are the Pegasus Awards, you ask?  Take a look here!)

To help with the Nominating ballot, you can check out the results of the annual Brainstorming Poll at  Remember, a song can be nominated whether or not it appears on the Brainstorming Poll, but it may be a good idea to check the award history to make sure it hasn’t already won one.

A project of compiling audio links for all the songs on the Brainstorming Poll has had to be shelved for lack of time, but you are welcome to check out the unfinished results (and suggest additional links if you feel so inclined).

The ballot itself is at