Ose recs



Also re: that space shanties/filk post from last night, if you want recs outside of the songs linked there please do let me know because I…. have a lot 👀👀👀


Ahhhh okay so @injygo here are a few recs (that weren’t on that – very good – list in the original post!)

Note: these are some of my faves, but you can find more in this post, especially those that aren’t up on youtube. Also search the tag #filk on my blog! ….Also, I realise with this list I’ve sort of drifted away from the ballad/shanty genre a little in my enthusiasm. But since that was what the original post was about (and because it’s my own favourite filk sub-genre!) I’ve tried to keep these space-themed in some capacity… that said, there’s a fair amount of other filk/folk I love that’s more fantasy/mythology themed, often by some of the same artists as the above, so if you want more recs please let me know!!!

What an excellent post this is. 😀

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