Fuel to Feed the Drive/Fool to Feed the Drive – Cynthia McQuillin/Jordin Kare

What prayers can
stir the gods of space who dwell beyond the stars?
What mortal
words can help or heal an engine without power?
And will we
drift forever lost between the stars? We strive
To find a single
planet with fuel to feed the drive

Cynthia McQuillin’s “Fuel to Feed the Drive” is a “classic” in a very specific filkish way. That way is I heard multiple songs that referenced it before I managed to find a recording, but it’s finally on YouTube!

It also, typical of classic filk of a certain age, has a parody (by Jordin Kare) that’s perhaps even better known than the original – and it is helpfully included in this recording.

Lyrics to both versions and my best stab at the chords under the cut:

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Fire In the Sky – Kristoph Klover

Prometheus they say brought god’s fire down to man
And we’ve caught it, tamed it, trained it since our history began
Now we’re going back to Heaven just to look Him in the eye
And there’s a thunder ‘cross the land and a fire in the sky.

“Fire in the Sky,” by Jordin Kare, performed by Kristoph Klover – for when you want to be REALLY PUMPED ABOUT SPACE but also kind of sad and afraid.

Darkness – Julia Ecklar

There’s a (Am)darkness out bet(E)ween the stars that (Am)any eye can see
There’s a (G)deeper dark with(Am)in me, where no (F)light will ever (Am)be
There’s an (C)empty place be(G)side me where my (F)lover ought to (E)stand
And there’s a (Am)burning sun be(G)fore me, and the (Am)throttle’s (E)in my (Am)hand
“Darkness,” by Jordin Kare, sung by Julia Ecklar
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(If anyone has advice about better ways to put chords in tumblr posts, I’d be glad to hear it.)