Rocket Rider’s Prayer – Cecilia Eng, Kristoph Klover, & Ernie Mansfield


Rocket Rider’s Prayer.

“Rocket Rider’s Prayer” by
Steve Savitzky, performed by Cecilia Eng, Kristoph Klover, and Ernie Mansfield. Lyrics and chords available here.

As Steve notes on his website:

You have to admire the people who fly the shuttle. There you are, sitting on top of two oversized roman candles and enough hydrogen to make the Hindenberg look like a wienie roast, secure in the knowledge that the whole thing is controlled by a million lines of computer software, and that every component of this complex and dangerous system was made by the lowest bidder.

A Reconsideration Of Anatomical Docking Maneuvers In A Zero-Gravity Environment – Kristoph Klover & Ernie Mansfield

Now I may be wrong, but it seems to me,
When contemplating the dynamics of sex,
That trying to do it in zero-g
May present some pressing problems we did not expect.

“A Reconsideration Of Anatomical Docking Maneuvers In A Zero-Gravity Environment” (AKA The Zero-G Sex Song), written by Diana Gallagher Wu, performed by Kristoph Klover and Ernie Mansfield.

Or, more science words than you ever knew you needed in a song about sex.

Fire In the Sky – Kristoph Klover

Prometheus they say brought god’s fire down to man
And we’ve caught it, tamed it, trained it since our history began
Now we’re going back to Heaven just to look Him in the eye
And there’s a thunder ‘cross the land and a fire in the sky.

“Fire in the Sky,” by Jordin Kare, performed by Kristoph Klover – for when you want to be REALLY PUMPED ABOUT SPACE but also kind of sad and afraid.

The Gods Aren't Crazy – Leslie Fish

Drink, drink, to Charlie Fort’s memory –
Marvelous doings, and marvelous sights.
Drink, drink, we may as well join them.
The gods are not crazy; they’re higher than kites!

Charles Fort was a turn-of-the-(last)-century American writer with an interest in unexplained phenomena.  In honor of him, Leslie Fish wrote a song about some gods getting plastered.
It’s worth also crediting Kristoph Klover, who was in charge of recording sheep and roosters and making a pennywhistle sound drunk.