Erin and Rand are making an album!

Erin and Rand are making an album!


And we’re running an Indiegogo campaign to help us do it! Go to the link for all the juicy details! I’ve hashtagged some subjects and fandoms that will appear on the album.

Please help us meet our goal before it ends on December 21.

Check this out, filk fans!

Filksong Genealogy: Green Hills of Harmony

(Series: Filksong Genealogy)
So there’s this lovely folk song, variously called “Farewell tae th’ Creeks” or “Banks of Sicily,” which like many folk songs has gone through a lot of different permutations.  The above is a rendition by the Chad Mitchell Trio; their lyrics can be found here, while the original lyrics can be found here.
What happens when filkers get hold of something like this?  Welllll … a lot of things.
Here’s “Green Hills of Harmony” (lyrics) by Al Frank, performed here by (I think) Dandelion Wine.  It’s about the Dorsai, a fictional mercenary society from a science fiction book series by Gordon R. Dickson.

And here’s Frank Hayes’s parody of “Green Hills,” entitled “Don’t Ask” (lyrics).  It’s … also about the Dorsai.  Sort of.

And here is what may be the most recent riff on the same tune:  Erin & Rand Bellavia’s Pegasus-nominated filksong “Cliffs of Insanity.”

Cliffs of Insanity



So, this is very exciting news for me…last week, the nominating ballot for the 2016 Pegasus Awards (for excellence in filk music) was released, along with the results of this year’s brainstorming poll. (The poll is just a list of ideas generated by other filkers to assist with the nominating process.)
Anyway, the exciting part is that our song “Cliffs of Insanity,” a parody of “Green Hills of Harmony” about The Princess Bride, was mentioned in the “Best Adapted Song” category. Sweet!

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Dear Seanan – Erin & Rand Bellavia

This is “Dear Seanan” (a parody of Seanan McGuire’s song “Dear Gina,” based on Seanan’s October Daye series), performed at FilKONtario 23 by Erin and Rand Bellavia. Lyrics by Erin Bellavia and Merav Hoffman.
(submitted by @mysecretorigin)