Filksong Genealogy: Green Hills of Harmony

(Series: Filksong Genealogy)
So there’s this lovely folk song, variously called “Farewell tae th’ Creeks” or “Banks of Sicily,” which like many folk songs has gone through a lot of different permutations.  The above is a rendition by the Chad Mitchell Trio; their lyrics can be found here, while the original lyrics can be found here.
What happens when filkers get hold of something like this?  Welllll … a lot of things.
Here’s “Green Hills of Harmony” (lyrics) by Al Frank, performed here by (I think) Dandelion Wine.  It’s about the Dorsai, a fictional mercenary society from a science fiction book series by Gordon R. Dickson.

And here’s Frank Hayes’s parody of “Green Hills,” entitled “Don’t Ask” (lyrics).  It’s … also about the Dorsai.  Sort of.

And here is what may be the most recent riff on the same tune:  Erin & Rand Bellavia’s Pegasus-nominated filksong “Cliffs of Insanity.”

Circles in the Grain – Dandelion Wine

Mysterious circles that come from above
Might be a greeting from some celestial dove
Alien farmers in a strange unknown craft
Spinning and separating wheat from the chaff

“Circles in the Grain” by Tom Jeffers, performed by his band Dandelion Wine. Lyrics available here.

Gone Filkin' – Dandelion Wine

Gone filkin’ it’s a sunny day
Gone filkin’ in the Milky Way
Gone filkin’ in the key of E
A filk circle is the place I want to be

“Gone Filkin’” by Tom Jeffers, a heartfelt and only moderately tongue-in-cheek tribute to the filk genre. Performed by Tom’s band, Dandelion Wine.
Lyrics available here.