Long Distance Transmission – Grauntie Scribe


A new sad space song with lyrics by Nate @astriiformes set to the Thaxted tune from Holst’s ‘Jupiter.” Original post here.



‘Cross the light-scattered starfields, past the moons of planets large and small
‘Cross the belts filled with asteroids comes a message: do you hear my call?
Though it’s faint, I trust you’re out there
Though it’s small amidst the void
We are bonded by friendship, which cannot be destroyed

I will not cease the signal, I am still awaiting your reply
I do not doubt it’s coming for a moment, sure as comets fly
There are light-years set between us
There are parsecs in the way
But I know that you’re listening, and your words will find the way

I will dream we’re together, I will wish it every time I can
And just maybe, fate will see us once again joining hand in hand
But if space stays vast between us
If we’re star systems apart
Know I’ll keep on transmitting, you’re always in my heart.

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