Free – Hannah M.


So…I wrote some more Dragon Age Filk. I’m not a huge fan of this recording but I’ll probably never re-record it as for now I’m moved on to other fandoms. So I might as well post it, especially seeing as I never post any original content lately.
Fenris/Hawke schmoop. Fenris POV.
Free © Hannah M./PhemieC/Hamsters etc…
Heaven’s for a slave, you obey and behave
but I am a free man, now
and I act for no hand, follow no command but one.

Hell’s for a slaver, a cruel dominator
but I couldn’t care anyhow
Where he is going it’s only worth knowing he’s gone

and I’m lost in a heart that is breaking open slowly like an egg, newborn and ready to feed
begging through a crying mouth, and an aching jaw

When you asked me to stay
was a slave what you saw?

I thought I could have it all
I thought for a second I could have it all

In a house that’s not mine you will find me
standing alone
All this time in this place, all the years I have chased, how I tried

In a room that is yours, you of course would
welcome me into your home
But why would you want to let someone like me inside?

and I’m found in a city that feels, isn’t that strange? Haven’t I pushed myself close
enough to the edge with my fears, my regrets and my rage, chasing ghosts?

Did you think I’d give in
to my skin, the pathways that call?

Someday I will give you my all
I promise you, someday, I will give you it all.

And I swear by the maker, by the hand of fate if fate exists
You were waiting just for me, in the clearing of that alienage
I will follow you downward, through death if it’s required
and through worse if that’s required too
I’m free, but I belong to you

In the back of a bar, I saw a part
of a life that I wanted to know
But nothing is free from the stain on my heart and my soul.

Behind wine covered walls you answered my call
Sometimes I’m not sure why you bother’d at all.
I apologized for all of my lies and my faults.

And I’m cut from the cord of destruction and given to love, illiterate, angry and pained
Who knew I’d acquire a taste for the life lived unchained?

When you asked me to stay,
When you touched me that way, I thought I saw…
I think we can have it all.

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