Filk Stream This Sunday!!



Hey friends! A few of my wild Life Things have calmed down and also I have at least temporarily won my battle with technology, so I’m going to get back to having regular virtual folksings again!
For those not familiar, I stream myself singing folk and filk songs. Everyone is welcome to listen, make requests, and sing along! I work primarily from Rise Up Singing and Rise Again for folk songs (songlists here and here). My filk collection is a little more eclectic–lots of Leslie Fish and Julia Ecklar as well as some of my own stuff. If you have something you want to hear and aren’t sure if I know it, drop me a message! Given enough notice, I can probably learn it.
I’m planning to start this Sunday, July 9th, at 2pm and go until my voice and/or fingers give out.

(that’s 2pm central time, for the record)

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