Someone On The Internet is Wrong

Someone on the internet is wrong
And the urge to set the world to rights is really rather strong
There’s a gravitational force
That pulls me off my course
When someone on the internet is wrong

There are filk songs based on books, and there are filk songs based on TV shows, and then there are filk songs based on xkcd comics.  “Someone On The Internet Is Wrong,” by Playing Rapunzel (Mich Sampson and

Marilisa Valtazanou)

Someone On The Internet is Wrong

Goldenloin, Let it Go – Bear & serenawitchwriter


Let It Go, v. 2 Nimona Ch.10, p.27

By Bear, vocals by serenawitchwriter

My armor looks sad in the lab here tonight
Not a gold plate to be seen
A chess game of pomp and status,
And I’m no longer the Queen.

My hair is tangled like this conflict from inside
Couldn’t keep it straight, you all know I tried

Don’t let him in, don’t let him see
Be the hero the land needs you to be
Just play your part; don’t let him know
Well, now he knows

Let them go, let them go
Can’t keep this up anymore
Let them go, let them go
This did a number on my pores!

I don’t care
If he turns me away
Bring your judgment on:
The joust never favored me anyway

It’s funny how some losses
Make others seem so small
For the cost of my “great” victory
Wasn’t worth his loss at all

It’s time to choose what I must do
To test directions and break rules
What’s right? What’s wrong? What’s left for me?

Let them go, let them go
I’ll switch to the other side
Let them go, let them go
This is not their time to die

Here I stand
And here I’ll stay
Bring your judgment on

My glory flurries through the air into my spear
My hair is spiraling in split-end tendrils ‘round my ears
And one thought hits me hard like a fwoom canon’s blast
He’ll never take me back,
This won’t undo the past

But let them go, let them go
I’ll prove you all were wrong
Let them go, let them go
I’m no longer your pawn

Here I stand
Not a Knight this day
Bring your judgment on,
I was never champion anyway