Waiting to Stand in Line – Mikey Mason & Kirsten Vaughan

as an apology, here’s a DRAGON CON 2015 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO (that’s how I make it sound good despite it being a low-quality recording taken from the back of the room), of a song that had literally been written earlier that day
Mikey Mason and Kirsten Vaughan (one of the Blibbering Humdingers) sing a song about the essential convention experience, “Waiting to Stand in Line”

Best Game Ever (A Different D&D Song) – Mikey Mason


“Best Game Ever (A Different D&D Song)” by Mikey Mason [source]

Download at http://mikeymason.bandcamp.com/track/…
Also: I was contacted by Gary Gygax’s family regarding this song. Learn more here:
I was inspired to write this song after watching Allie Goertz’s very charming, very sweet (slightly psychotically violent in the middle) song “Tonight (D&D Song).”
Its a great, wistful tune, and she has a beautiful voice.
I’m sorry that this isn’t, and that I don’t. While I love rpgs, and have since I was a kid, this is more like the D&D sessions we had when I was younger. That doesn’t mean I didn’t (r don’t) feel the same way Allie does about a good rpg session. It probably (I hope) speaks to the quality of the games we ran when I was younger…
Every group has its George. If your group doesn’t, you’re probably him (or her.)

One of the songs performed at last night’s Nerd-Vana’s Merry Freakin’ FILK-smas show!