Yeah, Filk!

For space is wide and good friends are too few



It Suits You – Kirby Krackle


Listen/purchase: It Suits You – 2016 Star Wars Single by Kirby Krackle



Confusions – Cecilia Eng

All that I want is a single thing that’s mine
Is that so very selfish, or so much out of line?
All that I want is one corner of my own
One place were I can be myself and just my self alone

@obscenitiesandgeekery, the stars have aligned!

“Confusions,” by Mercedes Lackey, sung by Cecilia Eng


Thanks to @sumeriasmith, who did a lot of digging through poorly cataloged MP3 files to find this!

(I meant to post this a few days ago, but it got lost in the queue somehow)

Lasers and Feelings – The Doubleclicks

You’ve got lasers
And I’ve got feelings
Your lonely heart could use some healing
You’ve got lasers
And I’ve got feelings for you

“Lasers and Feelings,” by The Doubleclicks

My Indie Trash Friend ™ with no interest in filk generally had heard this song and I hadn’t, and I just thought that was odd.

Neptune – S. J. Tucker

“Love changes us all, makes us broken, makes us brave, makes us deny ourselves and our very breath, makes us refuse to listen when our hearts tell us that the time has come to move on, to break the surface. “Neptune” is the story of what can happen after you’ve drowned yourself willingly in someone else’s hopes and dreams, and you find that saltwater and shadows no longer sustain you. “Neptune” is the story of what can happen when you’ve lived in sin with a god for long enough that the respective piles of dirty laundry and broken promises have started to really get on your nerves.“  – from S.J. Tucker’s Bandcamp

“Neptune, by S.J. Tucker

We don’t often get fancy-ass music videos round these parts.

The Borderlands – Chris Casswell & Danny Carnahan

The young man sat above the town in the glow of a setting sun
With his head held cradled in his hands, his back against a stone
Saying “Why have I so little time in this wretched place to stand?
“When I can’t take the girl I love back home to the Borderland”

“The Borderlands,” by Danny Carnahan and Chris Casswell

If I didn’t deeply trust the guy who first played this for me and told me it wasn’t originally a filk song, I wouldn’t have believed him.  It’s incredibly beautiful and about…time travel?  Parallel universes?  Fairies?  Unclear.  Judge for yourself.

Han Solo Cool – Mikey Mason

I heard there was some kind of Star Wars thing happening soon?

(I just looked it up, the movie’s not out until December, but from the way some people I know have been carrying on, you’d think it was next week)

Anyway, this isn’t even about Star Wars.  Not entirely, at least.  It’s a metaphor.

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