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echo’s children

Credit, please!  This song is by Echo’s Children.  (Who have also done other songs about the Honor Harrington books, including “Fair was the Blossom” and “Riding A Tiger”.)

No Quarter -An Honor Harrington Filk Song

When the Wind Changes – Echo’s Children

The sun leaves the meadow, the geese leave the lakes–
When the wind changes, it aches

According to the bandcamp page, this song was written as background for a character in a role-playing game.  It’s a beautiful tune with beautiful imagery.

Under the Gripping Beast – Echo’s Children

A Faustian bargain for artists, from Cat Faber

Lyrics here

A transcription of the melody here

High Frontier – Echo’s Children

“High Frontier,” by Echo’s Children

One of those “space – the final frontier” songs that actually sound a bit like an American pioneer ballad

Two Falls Out of Three

“Two Falls Out Of Three,” by Echo’s Children

Based on the book Memory by Lois McMaster Bujold…but it’s also just kinda gorgeous.

Under the Gripping Beast – Echo’s Children

“The Gripping Beast,” by Echo’s Children, a new version of the classic story of bargaining with supernatural powers artistic inspiration

The Seventh Horse – Echo’s Children

Lyrics and chords here 

She is Gone – Echo’s Children

Some murder, some undead girls, some more murder.  Good story.

Lyrics here

Sheet music (no chords) here

Oh Garibaldi – Echo’s Children

I try not to post too much that doesn’t make sense out of context…but I also feel like I have an obligation to keep the Babylon 5 fandom alive.

Song for purchase and lyrics here

Bested – Echo’s Children

“Bested,” by Echo’s Children

If you know Babylon 5, you know the title is clever.

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