Squirrel Girl – Adam WarRock


Adam WarRock “Squirrel Girl” (Free Download)


Who doesn’t want a song about Squirrel Girl, right? Big ups to friend-of-the-site Erica Henderson on the Marvel gig. If you don’t remember, she did the last Rap-A-Thon poster for me (image), and she’s just a generally cool lady. Also big ups to Ryan North, who I don’t know personally, but whose work I love. If you haven’t checked out Marvel Comics’ Squirrel Girl, you should. It’s great. I wish Marvel would do more of this kind of stuff, it reminds me of the Marvel Adventures comics that used to be around. There was some great stuff in that series.
I’m generally done touring for a while. But I got some interesting shows on the horizon:
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I dunno MARVEL NOW? – Adam WarRock



Adam Warrock made this amazingly bad ass GRAVITY FALLS rap…..and now he made a Hawkeye rap.

Seriously, listen to this, I’m geeking the hell out right now.

clint would put this on his ipod fo sho

I like it, but he missed a great opportunity by not making the second-to-last line “Ain’t you that Iron Fist dude?”

Purple and Yellow – Adam WarRock


Adam WarRock “Purple and Yellow” (Download)
Had a chance to finally read and catch up with Cameron Stewart & Brendan Fletchre’s new Batgirl title for DC Comics. Besides the fact that Stewart & Babs Tarr’s art is a joy to look at, it’s a great title that harkens back to any number of great comics that do what they do best: show what it means to be a young person of exceptional and at times, ostracizing and frustrating circumstances. If you haven’t checked it out yet, then you should take a second and give it a chance. Get Volume 1 here.
I mean, I know everyone wants me to do more DC comic songs. So here you go.
I am deep in the tank, working hard on my next Donation Drive mixtape and rewards package, coming in June! The one time a year I open up a donate button and give out tons of rewards in an attempt to keep adamwarrock.com running another year. Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, come out and see a show:
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April 24 – Indie Comix Expo– Chicago, IL
May 2 – FCBD – Super-Fly Comics – Yellow Springs, OH
(Note: The Modern Myths Northampton show has been cancelled)