The Ballad of Barry Allen – Eben Brooks

And I’ll be there before you know it
I’ll be gone before you see me
And do you think you can imagine
Anything so lonely
And I know you’d really like me
But I never stick around
Because time keeps dragging on

“The Ballad of Barry Allen,” a song about the downsides of being a speedster. Original song by Jim’s Big Ego, performed here by Eben Brooks.

Lyrics available here.

The Man Dressed in Brown – Eben Brooks

This song works so well I had to get @axonsandsynapses (my regular “has a better memory for music than me” contact) to confirm that it was actually a parody.  It’s based on a version of the Child ballad “The False Knight On The Road,” and it just…works.  Really well.  I love space folk songs.  Especially for Firefly.
“The Man Dressed in Brown,” by Eben Brooks

Geeky Girls – Eben Brooks

Okay, so I think this song is hilarious.  I have no idea if anyone else will think this song is hilarious.  It’s something about the combination filk lyrics and the song being filked, which is a weird old ballad about trying to force people to marry you.
…anyway.  “Geeky Girls,” by Eben Brooks (from his new album!  which can be found here)