Girl into Devil (I Belong to Me) – S. J. Tucker

“Who do you belong to, little girl?
Why do you wander in the deep, dark wood?”
It’s not an easy answer, I’m afraid.
She fits your little story, but she’s up to no good. 

“Girl into Devil” by S. J. Tucker, a song inspired by Catherynne M. Valente’s Deathless and the Russian folktales the book was based on.

Lyrics available here.

Likho’s Lullabye – Vixy & Tony

Sleep, my girl, and dream of home
Of lamps alight and hearth aflame
A china cup, a silver comb
An old grey wolf for you to tame
A rider come who knows your name

“Likho’s Lullabye,” based on a traditional Russian lullabye and the novel Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente, with additional lyrics & melody by Michelle Dockrey, sung by Michelle Dockrey of Vixy & Tony

Glashtyn Shanty – S. J. Tucker

When the tithe came callin’, where were you?
When the tithe comes callin’, there is nothing you can do.
Haul away, haul away, haul away

Do I really know what’s going on in this song?  No, because I haven’t read Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland novels, which are what this album is based on.  Do I mind?  No, because a creepy sea shanty is still a creepy sea shanty!
“Glashtyn Shanty,” by S. J. Tucker

The Kingdom of Mice, a war song – S. J. Tucker

When we eat the sun will it taste like mouse?
We swear by the dust we shall soon find out!

“The Kingdom of Mice, a war song,” by S.J. Tucker
It seems like a goofy little song, but…it’s not.  It’s terrifying.
Lyrics and chords available here.

City of Marrow – S. J. Tucker

Seventh sons and golden ball daughters
Can take their own lives to hand
I have been to the city of Marrow
And I have come out again.

Fear not the wind of wasting
Its howling is not for you
It’s only an echo now within
The hearts of those just passing through

Couldn’t tell you what it’s about, exactly, but I like it.  “City of Marrow,” by S.J. Tucker. Lyrics and chords available here.