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Not the Villain – S. J. Tucker

Deconstructed fairy tales are good, but what I really like is this ominous reminder:

I never meant to hide behind a clock no longer chiming
Fairyland will have its due, regardless of the timing

“Not the Villain,” by S. J. Tucker, based on Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland novels


Glashtyn Shanty – S. J. Tucker

When the tithe came callin’, where were you?
When the tithe comes callin’, there is nothing you can do.
Haul away, haul away, haul away

Do I really know what’s going on in this song?  No, because I haven’t read Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland novels, which are what this album is based on.  Do I mind?  No, because a creepy sea shanty is still a creepy sea shanty!

“Glashtyn Shanty,” by S. J. Tucker

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