Voidfish Lullaby – Love Patrol Beta


In-universe taz filk song from Chapter One of my fic “Songs From The Void

Tune: Traditional (Lavender’s Blue)


Stars are above, dilly dilly, worlds are below
What we will find, dilly dilly, no one can know
But I know this, dilly dilly, every world round
I will make sure, dilly dilly, you’re safe and sound.

Home is behind, dilly dilly, far far away
What is ahead, dilly dilly, no one can say
Though you are lost, dilly dilly, you’re not alone.
I’ll keep you safe, dilly dilly. I’ll be your home.

Hush now and sleep, dilly dilly, no need to fear
When the day breaks, dilly dilly, I’ll still be near
Worlds are below, dilly dilly, stars are above
And we are here, dilly dilly, shining with love.

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