Hold the Line – Terence Chua

Hold the line – don’t retreat and don’t surrender
Hold the line – though around you others fall
We will give our last full measure
May the fates all treat us kind
So hold the line, my boys, just hold the line

“Holy the Line,” by Terence Chua, a war song applicable to real life or to a dozen sci-fi and fantasy universes, as ones’ predilections direct.


Terrorists Ate My Homework – Terence Chua

Teacher, dear teacher
We live in trying times
These days it seems that nowhere’s safe
No refuge can we find
The terror’s tainted Freedom’s shores
Stained it with crimson hues
And that’s the reason why my paper’s
Two weeks overdue

Relatable, politically relevant content from Terence Chua


Here’s To The Heroes – Terence Chua

They lost the day, they screwed the pooch
They really mucked it up
They found out that reality
Is such a bitter cup
If there’s a lesson to be learned they learned it far too late
That the principles of physics always beat the rules of fate

“Here’s To The Heroes,” by Terence Chua, who understands that narrative convenience, unfortunately, need not always apply.


Princess in a Castle – Terence Chua

Like a princess in a castle
Like a queen without a king
Like a present wrapped in ribbons
Or a bird with broken wings
She is waiting to be rescued
She is waiting to be free
If someone could only tell her
Just who she’s supposed to be

“Princess in a Castle,” by Terence Chua
Lyrics available here