Wind in the Pipes – Meg Davis

“Wind in the Pipes” by Meg Davis.

Davis comments in the liner notes of her Captain Jack and the Mermaid album:

My summer haunt is a beautiful, old (circ.1940’s) house on a lovely, cool lake (well away from the humidity of a Cincinnati summer). The folks who tend the house, and get it ready each year, have no idea how they have inspired me over the years. They get into their hip-waders each frosty May to put the dock in and, depending upon the placement of the metal poles, I end up with a very haunting sound all season that comes from the wind blowing across the holes in the posts. Some summers it’s a brighter tune, sometimes a rather spooky chord, but whenever it happens I tell myself, it’s only the wind in the pipes.

It’s hard to find the lyrics to this one, but I was able to transcribe them – they’re not very long, and they repeat a few times. I’ve included them after the cut.

Welcome to a moon-filled night
Of strange and wondrous tales,
Of ancient kings and mystic rings
And ships with painted sails;
Of how I came to be here
And where I wish to go,
And all my deepest secrets
Which you will come to know.

Settle back and dream awhile
And come along with me,
We will walk the ancient forests
And sail the deepest seas;
O let your heart go rambling,
There’s much we have to see,
From what we are this moment
To what we hope to be.

Warrior – Meg Davis

Ride, warrior, ride
With your blade by your side
Follow on your spirit-steed
While moons darken and bleed
Drink the wind as you fly
Hear the night-beasts cry
Cold tears run with the rain
Down a horse’s mane

“Warrior,” by Mercedes Lackey, from the novel By the Sword, performed by Meg Davis

The Asgard II – Mark Heiman

To me weigh, heigh, the Asgard rolls,
Around the point and past the shoals,
With her ladies and her gentlemen,
She’ll soon be sailing home again

“The Asgard II,” a tongue-in-cheek sea shanty by Meg Davis, performed by Mark Heiman.  If Meg Davis’ version is online somewhere, I haven’t been able to find it, but for some reason I do have chords.

Chorus: C—/FCG-/FGC-/FG-C//
Verse: C—/F-CG/F-CG/FGCG//

A Serious Business – Meg Davis


My computer died several weeks ago and I lost all my musical and artistic files. I got a new computer and am re-importing all of my cds, but it’s a slow process due to having to FIND those cds.

This is one song I have been unable to find anywhere, so here you go.

The Elf Glade – Meg Davis

Steel and maille and gilded crossbow,
Feather of the ancient wind bird,
Wide as wonder, tall as starlight,
Lords of earth and lords of fire,
Life the love that they desire.
Lords of earth and lords of fire,
Life the love that they desire.

“Elf Glade,” by Meg Davis
Lyrics can be found here, and there are chords provided with a very odd parody by Kanef, though he doesn’t relay the alternate fingerings used in the original.