Beware the Sentient Chili – Chris & Karen Weber

Beware of the sentient Chili
that burbles away on your stove.
The peppers are silently plotting
with legumes, tomatoes and cloves.
At night when you’re comfortably sleeping
and lie unaware in your bed,
the vegetables plan insurrection;
the lettuce are seeking new heads.

“Beware the Sentient Chili,” a truly terrifying monster story by Chris and Karen Weber.

Lyrics available here.

The Fulgory Bird – Karen & Chris Weber

Has aught been heard of the Fulgory
Bird in the isles to the west of Man?
For hither the gilded galleys of men
have sailed since the world began.
With painted sails and mariners’ songs
We come with trumpets and brazen gongs
To procure that for which His Majesty longs,
The remarkable Fulgory Bird.

“The Fulgory Bird,” by Karen and Chris Weber, based on a verse in The Drawing of the Dark, by Tim Powers