Replicator Malfunction Blues – Chris Conway

I got the replicator malfunction blues
It messes up whatever I choose
Chief come and fix it and don’t be late
We never had this trouble on Deep Space 8
It’s driving me crazy, and I’m losing weight
And I got those replicator malfunction blues

“Replicator Malfunction Blues” by Chris Conway, a song about the trials of living on a certain space station.

Lyrics available on the Deep Space Love CD page (scroll halfway down the page to get to the lyrics section).

Superheroes Never Die – Chris Conway

Superheroes never die
They only fade away
They tried to save the future
But the future was yesterday

I thought this was going to be a funny song about how nobody ever really dies in comics (that’s a brilliant parody idea, by the way, somebody should do it), but instead it was sad and then kind of funny but still sad.
“Superheroes Never Die,” by Chris Conway