Cipherhunt – Love Patrol Beta



@aroford and I wrote a filk about the brave and steadfast Fallers who have made the Cipherhunt so amazing!

And the lyrics if people want them:

Oh some say there’s a
And to him we say
“we’ll catch you!”
Ah, we’ll find it
yet, we bet you
With our maps and our
codes unfurled
We will chase the
clues from Georgia
To the woods of
Oh we’re coming and
we warned ya!
And together we’ll
search the world!

Oh we thought our show had ended
Though the wrap-up was quite splendid
Still we wished we had extended
Our time at the Mystery Shack.
But then Alex took to Twitter
And our hearts went all a-jitter
When we found he was no quitter;
There was one puzzle left to crack!

So of course we set off searchin’
For where ciphers might be perchin’
Oh the first one t’was a church in
Then in eastern and western shrines
We were led across the ocean
But we’d gladly make the motion
To prove our deep devotion
And get help from the family Pines!

It was off into the forest
Where the seekers did film for us
A hunt that was long and glorious
Until finally they reached their goal
So, brave May, we’ll watch you driving
And no matter how conniving
These next ciphers are, our striving
Will not cease till the puzzle’s whole!

Tune: Ramblin’ Rover (traditional)

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