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Okay so who do I have to bribe for fanart of the super cheesy 90’s era Howling Commandos children’s cartoon that TOTALLY 100% would’ve existed within the Marvel movie-verse?
And would it help if I wrote a theme song?

Howling Commandos! Howling Commandos!
Evil fears just one name: Howling Commandos!
Good is gonna win the game: Howling Commandos!

(Roll call!)

First Captain America, the leader of the pack! (Cap: This way!)
Second, Sergeant Bucky Barnes who always has his back! (Bucky: Aye aye!)
Montgomery and Dum Dum, they’re a team that can’t be beat! (Dum Dum: Tally ho!)
Add Jacques and Gabe and Morita and now the crew’s complete! (Gabe: Righteous!)

They’re gonna go that extra mile,
now Red Skull’s in a bind
So grab your shield, don’t touch that dial—
it’s gonna be a…howling…good time!

#In the cartoon they also have a talking pet wolf named Betsy Ross #It’s an ‘educational’ show so every other week one of the commandos learns the importance of teamwork #captain america #howling commandos #it was canceled after ten episodes but the wolf got her own spinoff series (via @idiopathicsmile)

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