Jag vill bo i rymden

“Jag vill bo i rymden”, a filk song that appeared right when Sweden left the chaotic and feuding fhaaandom of the 80’s behind itself and became extremely serconnish (and abandoned filk). Instead, it became a classic in some Swedish student circles. Its origin as a filk song was rediscovered after 25 years. Original text and music by Martin Q Larson, who later went on to become the president of the Society of Swedish Composers. Here is a (for some values of) singable English translation/version:
My mother often asks me like this:
What will you do when you grow up?
How do you plan to support yourself,
you’re playing all the time!
But then I always answer like this:
I’m really training hard you know,
I’m going to be an astronaut
fly space craft all the time!
Space craft space craft space craft
I wanna fly a space craft
Travel in a space rocket
Discover another planet
Space craft space craft space craft
I wanna fly a space craft
Shoot with little laser guns
Visit some big black holes!
I’m flying among the asteroids
and hunting the evil villains
then I build myself a star rocket
and go to a new galaxy
Space craft space craft space craft…
And if a space monster appears
then I will shoot it to pieces
so I’m saving the universe
becomin’ ev’ryone’s friend
Space craft space craft space craft… :||:
A German translation was done in the 90’s (“Welt Raum Welt Raum Welt Raum” in the chorus), but it has sadly been lost in the vastness of space.
The introduction is “an old polska from space” (polska is a traditional Swedish style of dances and music in ¾ beat).
(mod note: the original video link was giving me issues, so I got a new one from youtube, so…I hope it’s the same.  Oh, and for people like me who are basically children and don’t speak Old Fannish, “serconnish” means serious, but in a way that can imply either brilliant fan literary criticism, or like…weaboo serious.)