Got to Fly – Marian Call

I don’t know how you got the stomach for reality when
You could go circle the stars, you wouldn’t be-lieve where I’ve been
Just this week, I’ve made some freakishly fabulous finds
My corpse has been here, but my mind’s covered miles
I’m cravin’ altitude, so kindly step aside — I got to fly.

“Got to Fly,” by Marian Call

Good Old Girl – Marian Call

Doin’ what they do, shepherding her through
Space will slow her stride, time will turn her tide
It’s far too much to take, but my girl don’t know when to break
So she’ll make she’ll make a way; she’s a good old girl, she’ll fly true

“Good Old Girl,” by Marian Call
Gotta love a song about spaceships.  I think this was specifically inspired by Firefly, but it’s pretty general in a way I really like.