Bittersweet – Rosie Lord


My second most popular song so far! Not a great recording, but I’m getting a real microphone in a bit so there’s that. I might re-record it in a bit, we’ll see.
My tribute to the fabulous River Song of “Doctor Who” fame. Hope y’all like it!
You met me for the first time on the day I died
you didn’t really know me and still you cried
Didn’t see that I was bigger on the inside
Not the best of empathy and yet I’ll let it slide.
People know you as the man who saves them everytime
but I know that you’re the one who’ll never not be mine.
I’m as eloquent as ever yet you’ll never rhyme
I’m as punctual as always and you’re never quite on time.
I was born in your own danger and the shadow that you cast
You treat me like a dagger ‘cause we can’t forget the past
I’m a knife you’ll never use, I’m the train that passed
But I’d turn around for you because I know you’d never last.
Don’t patronize me, madman, and don’t fly away
Don’t try to hide the kiss in every word you say
And don’t pretend that this is just a game you play
and don’t tell me you’re leaving when I know you’re gonna stay.
So tell me, did I really go wrong
if the Melody has died before the Song?
Don’t act like you don’t want me, you don’t love me, you don’t need me
I see the way you run to “Hello, Sweetie.”
It’s bittersweet.
I spend my days in waiting for your distant call
but don’t think that I’m desperate, for I’m not at all.
I bide my time with writing down what’s not yet been
Trips you never went on, sights you haven’t seen.
I’m twisted in your timeline like a harmony
dissonant, but never a cacophony.
Why insist on running? You’re already free.
You’ll just run in circles, they all start with me.
You saw me born and born again before too long.
A broken Melody became a River’s Song.
Don’t tell me that I’m perfect, that perfect’s close or even near me
If it was, you wouldn’t run to “Hello, Sweetie.”
It’s bittersweet.
I started in your home and it is there I’ll die
You taught me how to land but I taught you to fly.
Born for death and lived for life, and died to try
And I’m sorry, my love, this is the last goodbye.