There Will Be a Fic on AO3 – spiderladyceo, goodqueenalys, & other Tumblr contributers


Inspired by this post. Lyrics credit goes to everyone who contributed, I just made it scan. Three cheers to @goodqueenalys, and I hope it was OK I made a recording!

Instrumental backing from this video.

Downloads available at Tindeck.

Here are the sung lyrics, so you can sing along, or record your own!

(Image transcribed under the cut)

When I find my ship in times of trouble,
Fanfic authors come to me,
Speaking words of wisdom: Ao3.

And in my hour of darkness,
The Archive is in front of me,
With the filter set on “Rated E.”

Ao3… Ay oh threeeeee,
Ay oh three… Yeah Ao3,
Why pay for porn when fic is free!?

And when some broken-hearted shippers,
Don’t get confirmation on TV,
There will be an answer: Ao3.
For though shows be departed
There is still a chance that fans will see
Post-Canon adventures
On AO3

AO3, AO3, Ao3, Ao3,
There will be an update
On AO3

AO3, AO3, Ao3, Ao3,
There might be an update
On AO3

AO3, AO3, Ao3, Ao3,
Please let there be an update
On AO3

And when the fandom’s people
On the internet don’t agree
Don’t leave hate in the comments,
Let it be
For though it’s not your OTP
Someone loves it, you will see,
There’ll be another fic,
On AO3

AO3, AO3, Ao3, Ao3,
God bless all the writers
Of AO3

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