I Ain’t the Doctor Any More – Silver-Stargazing


I just re-watched “The Day of the Doctor” for the first time in years and found that I really liked the War Doctor on a second watch.

I noticed there really hasn’t been much fan work about this sad old soldier since the 50th Anniversary special so here’s a filk song dedicated to Captain Grumpy set to the tune of “I Ain’t Marching Anymore”.

Lyrics under the cut:

Oh, I died on the planet of Karn long ago
In the midst of the Great Time War
Well, I regenerated but I knew that it was fated
That I ain’t the Doctor anymoreSo I became a warrior for my own kind
This fight was something I could not ignore
I battled with those Daleks and I did so with the knowledge
That I ain’t the Doctor anymore

But the Universe may not survive this war
The damage is far too vast
Look at all we’ve done with our Tardises and guns
Gallifrey may fall at last

For I marched our soldiers down many front lines
And watched the Daleks kill the score
I saw many soldiers dying and I heard those children crying
But I ain’t the Doctor anymore

For I marched down the plains of old Skaro
And fired shots that started this Great War
But I couldn’t kill those demons and that’s another reason
Why I ain’t the Doctor anymore


Oh, my people will condemn all of space and time
Sanity, they do ignore
So I must take this moment and I will not seek atonement
‘Cause I ain’t the Doctor anymore

No, I ain’t the Doctor anymore…

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