Moon Rabbits – Cassie G.


I wrote a song! It’s about moon rabbits, wars, and cake. There’s a story behind this one: My parents and their siblings were making my grandmother a birthday cake. She told them, “Oh, you can decorate it however,” so they did: The cake was decorated with rabbits, fighting a war, on the moon. With laser guns. The rabbits had laser guns. My grandmother wasn’t amused.


Moon rabbits, Moon rabbits, they’re coming to invade the Earth.
Moon rabbits, Moon rabbits, we’ll defend ourselves with all our worth.
They used to fight an eternal war, over which cake was best.
Now at peace, they attack our world, laser guns to the test!
Moon rabbits, Moon rabbits, they don’t know how to cook or bake
Moon rabbits, Moon rabbits, that’s why they’re coming, for cake!