You know what I want?

Space mythology.

Saints of the starship and angels that take their true form as nebulae, great and fiery amorphous beings that speak the will of the Universe

Nymphs of asteroid fields and planetary rings, sylphs that fly in the tails of comets and solar wind, the gods of the galactic core

Demons that dwell in black holes and eat the hearts of dying stars, spirits of galactic battles that cause engines and shields to fail when you get too close to their graves

Ghost ships, long MIA, drifting in dark space, an inaccessible monument to those lost

Demigods, Herculean beings forged in solar fire surviving alone and unshielded in the vacuum, on an icy rock so far from a star as to never see its light

Heroes and saints ascending to their gods by dissolving into starlight and void

Just…Space mythology.


@filkyeahfilk there’s people out there haven’t heard Dawson’s Christian or The Phoenix or [many many more song titles go here] and I’m on mobile and can’t fuss with embed code, help?

Ooo, yes, if you want space mythology, there’s lots of filk for you, my friend.

As @welcomedmachine mentioned, Dawson’s Christian by Duane Elms is a great space ghost story:

The Phoenix by Julia Ecklar is about the soul of a spacefarer reincarnated as the soul of a starship:

As far as other good space mythology songs, the only additional ones I can think of right now are Ghost Ship and Starbound Spirit by Cynthia McQuillin. I know there’s loads more, so people should definitely chime in with suggestions!

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