Call for Volunteers


The Contata Con Committee Needs YOU!
Any convention depends on a lot of hands to keep things running. This year at Contata, we’re calling for volunteers in advance so we can get a head start on scheduling, and so nobody has to spend too much time helping out before they get back to enjoying the con.
We need people to help out with:

  • Registration Desk – putting together and handing out registration packets, tracking materials for pre-registered members and selling at-the-door memberships
  • Ops – making and posting signage, going to places where people need help with things and helping them, hauling boxes and other items (but not at the cost of your back).
  • Security – short shifts checking to make sure people are wearing badges, staying out of restricted or locked areas, and abiding by the convention’s Code of Conduct
  • Con Suite – supervising the con suite so the staff can take much-needed down-time, preparing and arranging snacks, cleanup, assisting with a shopping run if needed.
  • Circles – We need people to anchor circles. To be in the circle, moderating, and making sure people get a turn to perform. To draw out shy people, encourage people to take turns and be courteous, and to occasionally perform, or prompt others to do so.

Volunteers will get a shiny badge sticker and our undying gratitude. Volunteers who commit to assisting by June 14 will also receive an acknowledgment in the program book (unless you prefer otherwise) and a small care package.
If you’d like to help out, head over to our signup questionnaire form over here! If the form gives you any trouble or if you have any questions, please reply to this post or drop by our ask box.

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