Ahh! I still can’t get over that I wrote a song!

I spent all of my childhood trying to create even a chorus to a song before finally admitting I wasn’t musically inclined at all in terms of creating music.

Then I just wake up today with a tune in my head, the lyrics came next and bam! a song! Like the past 20+ years of struggling to write music never happened. Like it’s not a great song or anything but it’s still recognizably a song! Improvement!

I love filk music, I love folk music, I love all music, I love the people who introduced me to filk music like @filkyeahfilk, @aroford, @scribefindegil! I love Cipher Hunters and I love this hunt so much!

I am in love (platonically of course) with the universe right now and I hope everyone is having a great day!

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