Lament for Boromir – Arkady




I’m attempting to ruin @dog-of-ulthar‘s life with the revelation that I like folk music. Especially nerdy folk music. I don’t think I sing that well, but making @dog-of-ulthar freak out is worth it.

So this is the Lament for Boromir taken from Tolkien’s The Two Towers. It’s probably my favorite poem in Tolkien’s works. I feel like a lot of his poems and songs are overlooked because they don’t have melodies we can easily put to them so they’re not instantly appealing. This melody is borrowed from Colin Rudd’s version of the song but decided not to put any accompaniment with it since there wouldn’t have been an accompaniment with the song in the book. So I really can’t claim any part of this song aside from very poorly singing it.

yeah anyway now I’m crying about folk music and dead fictional kings, so that’s great

Good. I consider this a success then.

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