Come All You Knights – Technical Difficulties

(Am)Come you knights and come you pilots
(G)With your ships and sabers shining
(Am)Come and stop your (F)children’s crying
(Am)Come and join the (G)Jedi (Am)Queen
(Am)Come with might and come with glory
(G)Set your dreams and wings a-soaring
(Am)Hear the ancient (F)hidden story
(Am)Come and join the (G)Jedi (Am)Queen

(Am)Heard the tales the Empire spread, (G)told you rebels couldn’t (Am)win
(Am)So you locked your(F)doors before them, (Am)made your courage (G)battered, (Am)thin
(Am)Promised you the traitor’s land, (G)wealth and power in your (Am)house
(Am)You don’t even (F)have to fight, (Am)all you do is (G)watch them (Am)die
(Am)Never ask the dangerous questions, (G)such as why you’re off to (Am)war
(Am)Yours is but to (F)follow generals, (Am)going where the (G)trumpets (Am)blow


In the battle fought the axis, saw a pilot as he died
Looked into the shattered cockpit, heard my soul in torment cry
For the first time since I started, for the first time in my life
Looked into the enemy’s eye, found that they were just like mine
 Lived with evil for so long now, had forgotten and truth and right
Knew my time had come and somehow found a way to join their fight


Lying in a blasted tomb with a full moon in my eyes
Had no hope that help was coming, when a flash lit up the skies
Thought it was a battle starship, thought that soon we all would die
Heard the word the emperor promised, knew right then it for a lie
Saw the rebel starships coming, being led by the chosen one
Evil forces lost that morning and a new day has begun


“Come You Knights,” by Sheila Willis, performed by Technical Difficulties at the 1986 Worldcon

You might notice that some of the lyrics above are wrong.  If you do, please tell me.  I transcribed them, and am very unsure about a lot of them.  I haven’t been able to find them written anywhere.  And I know nothing about Star Wars so I don’t know if anything makes no sense in context.  But this song must be good, because I really like it anyway.  Thanks to sci-fantasy for correcting a line, and pointing out that it’s sometimes sung as “Rebel Queen” rather than “Jedi Queen.”  According to people in YouTube comments, it’s also sometimes “rebel fleet,” so.  Take your pick.

Bob Kanefsy’s parody of it is also fantastic, as Bob Kanefsy’s parodies often are (and it’s how I have the chords for this).

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