oral tradition problems

but for real I need to find the lyrics to this song

I heard it at OVFF and it was amazing

Someone filked “The Hand of God” about Superman? Nice. Any memory who it was, by name or description?

Unfortunately, I have no idea who it was, or if the person who sang it was the writer.  And even if they were, remembering that they were white, middle-aged, and very, very ordinary-looking wouldn’t help much…

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  1. I believe this was me….
    Also, beleave it or not…I only just saw this request
    Though it was not my song. I just had it in my e-book of lyrics.

    It’s called “The Hands of Zhod”
    By ??? TtTO “The Hands of God” by Julia Ecklar
    You stand there impassive, your face a cold mask
    Content just to watch, you don’t have to laugh
    Your companions are wrecking the city’s main street
    And fear has now swept cross the land
    We’d a champion to guard us, though he was once strange
    He made us feel safe, like our lives could not change
    But you came with your minions, and said you’d command
    You said we were all in your hands
    And we’re all in the hands now of Zhod,
    From here on, we humans will fail
    No matter the lives that are lost
    The winner, this Zhod, will prevail
    Where now, is our savior to fight
    The things that this man now claims are his right
    Come superman save us from our dire plight
    For we’re all in the hands now of Zhod, now of Zhod
    We’re all in the hands now of Zhod


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