Pretty in Scarlet – Murder Ballads



So guess what’s available for purchase today!
Go on, guess!
(Have you guessed yet? No? Okay, I’ll tell you.)
It’s that album I’ve been banging on about for like a damned year now, is what! It’s available for download on Bandcamp as of this morning, and that means that if you want to stream the whole thing before you pay a cent for it, you totally can.
Obviously, we’re hoping you like it enough to pay for it, but hey, at least this way you know what you’ll be getting. (Among other things, your own copy of The Ballad of Captain America’s Disapproving Face, which a few people have mentioned wanting…)
So here it is! Go have a listen, and if you like what you hear, please shill the site — we’ve put a lot of work into this one, we’re proud of it, and we really want to share it with the world.
Listen/purchase: Pretty in Scarlet by Murder Ballads

Check it out, nerdy music lovers!

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