Dance with Jak o' the Shadows – Phil Norman


Phil NormanDance with Jak O’the Shadows
Artwork by Sam Weber from The Shadow Rising ebook cover
Bwaaaaah, I’m getting so many Wheel of Time feels at the moment.  This song is so beautifully Mat & the band of the red hand, I just get chills.
I’m going to have to set aside some time to re-read the entire series as soon as the last book hits my shelves.  (foo, there goes a year of my time.)
I also admit to having a nerdish fancy for wanting to do a cosplay group of the WoT characters.

Snow White, Red Road – Cheshire Moon

I’m honestly surprised I hadn’t posted this earlier, it’s one of those songs that seems like a classic in the making – Cheshire Moon’s deconstruction and re-construction of a fairy tale.
(I ran into these guys at Minicon last year; they’re very nice and one tends to squee when complimented, so I recommend saying nice things if you meet them.)
Chords and lyrics are available here

The Silver Knight – Will Sturman


Another song you can find lyrics to in Dragon Age: Inquisition, this one about the conquest of the Dales (if you don’t play Dragon Age, that means it’s about KILLING ELVES, and that’s all the context you really need).  I may have come up with this tune at 2 AM in a hotel room at Dragon Con.
Credit to @sharkalanche, who was finishing her armor in that hotel room at Dragon Con and is the reason I didn’t just go the fuck to sleep, and @mostfacinorous, who still technically owns the mandolin I’ve been using.
The lyrics are here, and my chords are Em / D / Bm A / Bm Em
(I screw up the words at one point but YOU KNOW WHAT there are A LOT OF WORDS IN THIS)

The Prophecy Hotline – Kari Maaren

“Whenever a prophecy turns up in a story, characters behave with steady, maddening predictability, doing EXACTLY THE WRONG THING IN EVERY WAY. I have set up a musical telephone hotline for these characters. It may help, but that’s up to them.“

“The Prophecy Hotline,” by Kari Maaren